Digitalization is one of the most dominating mega-trends impacting our daily lives and our businesses around the world. From fully autonomous factories to self-driving cars – data and digitization are the key ingredients for the future of our economies. It requires a broad understanding of technologies and application to move into the right direction. In almost all other fields there is guidance through regulation – not so in the data economy. Some may argue that technology moves too fast for regulation to follow, but that shouldn't be the case and we shall not wait until it is too late to act. We need to act now!

And that's what we have done with truzzt! We provide the long-needed infrastructure services to enable convenient and trustworthy data-sharing among people, companies, enterprises and industries. Powered by the European International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and endorsed by several European governments, truzzt will take the role of a technical, business-neutral orchestrator of the European data economy.




Our function-as-a-service model enables all companies to digitalize their businesses without losing their data sovereignty. For a wide spectrum from Business-to-Business (B2B) use cases ie. by enabling more efficient supply chains as well as enabling Business-to-Consumer (B2C) use cases such as offering a superb user experience for new mobility applications. We are an infrastructure provider, we do not provide digital applications or solutions, and we do not engage in B2C. We take the complexity out of digitalization of your business.

The differentiating factor is trust. Building technical ecosystems can be difficult enough in terms of complexity and scale – the most important success factor is trust. Trust that my data is secure. Trust that my data stays under my ownership. Trust that my customer's data is treated according to local data privacy regulations. And trust in the orchestrator being business neutral.

truzzt - it's all about trust in connected digital ecosystems.

Our Promise to You

We enable digital business for our customers by making secure, trustworthy and sustainable data sharing a reality

Your Business in


Thanks to its DNA, truzzt and its services will enable the data economy for enterprises and companies guaranteeing

  • Business Neutrality
  • Data Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Scalability across use cases and industries
  • Regional Scalability
  • A standardized Framework/Architecture
  • Limited amount of System Integration needed
  • Platform-overarching




The automotive industry is facing disruptive competition as they are changing from a hardware and product-centric B2B business to services- and a customer-centric B2C models. Technological and operational challenges are numerous on their way to create new business opportunities along the entire value chain: from a digitized customer life cycle to vehicles with functions-on-demand and end2end intermodal mobility concepts.



Industry 4.0, also referred to as “smart manufacturing”, is about building intelligent networks of machines and production processes, based on state-of-the-art IT and communication technologies. It has the potential to affect entire industries by transforming the way goods are designed, manufactured, delivered and paid for. It does that by increasing the flexibility of production and supply chains, optimizing logistics, enabling customer-centric production cycles and by supporting the circular economy.




Value Proposition

truzzt offers secure, trusted and sustainable data sharing as function-as-a-service – like a power outlet for electricity that comes with a meter and a billing system. One of its highlights is the indivisible coupling of data with its respective terms of use, allowing all participating parties to keep ownership of their data. truzzt services provide optimum security, convenience and trustworthiness for data traffic between companies and across industries – economically and legally.

Meet our

Leadership Team

The truzzt Leadership Team brings a broad experience and subject matter expertise across industries to the table when it comes to digitalization transformation. Their common vision and passion is built on customer values, trust and technology and leads to offering the best possible combination of those three core pillars to enable a secure, trusted and business-neutral connection to the data economy. It's a shared purpose to ensure the long-needed trusted data exchanges will become reality.

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CEO of truzzt

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COO of truzzt

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CTO of truzzt

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CFO of truzzt

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